Doctors consider it a banal reaction of our body. Poets and lovers praise him. Sometimes it is bright and swift. Sometimes – light and gentle. And it happens – he will call and disappear … You have already guessed that we are talking about orgasm.

It has long been proven – the orgasm is not only pleasant, but also very useful for women’s health. In the process of discharge, higher doses of hormones are produced – estrogen and testosterone. As a result, the work and condition of the bone and muscle tissues and the cardiovascular system is improved. The woman looks younger. And people who regularly have sex are less likely to get flu, colds and depressions.

To be frigid now unfashionable. Therefore, many women, after watching erotic films and having read love stories, diligently depict tigresses and nymphomanists in bed. And only the closest girlfriends per minute of special revelation can confess: he, of course, visits an orgasm sometimes, but so rarely! By the way, the frigidity in which some dissatisfied young ladies secretly suspect themselves are a rather rare phenomenon.

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So why, according to statistics, only 20% of women are completely satisfied with the quality of their sex life? It turns out, despite the fact that we regularly have sex and quite often experience pleasure at this, we have little idea what kind of animal it is – a female orgasm? What does it depend on? And why, after all, is it so unpredictable? Let’s try to figure it out.

Scientists, especially Americans, are very fond of conducting scientific research on such an intimate subject as the ladies’ orgasm. We will use the results of their research.

Speaking in a scientific way, orgasm is a uniform and gradually quenching spasms of the female genital organs, which occur every 2-3 seconds. The total duration of discharge may vary from tens of seconds to 1-2 minutes. The main feature of the female orgasm – its multiplicity. This means that immediately after the first orgasm, we are able to immediately experience the second wave, then the third and so on – until we get enough. Men can not enjoy it so much!

Orgasm can be of three types – clitoris, vaginal and non-vaginal. True, not all women experience all three kinds of pleasure. And not because it is not capable – just did not learn. Well, let’s try to fill this gap!

  • Clitoris is inherent in most women, it is caused by stimulation of the pubis and clitoris. There is one rule: the more attention is given in these preludes to these areas, the brighter the orgasm. A proven and reliable way to achieve a clitoris orgasm – masturbation.

How to achieve it: in about the time of intercourse, move your legs as tightly as possible, then the vulva will tighten the penis, and the clitoris will be stimulated through the labia minora. You can ask your partner for additional caresses of this delicate organ – tongue or fingers. Another tip: sometimes the long-awaited orgasm does not occur due to lack of lubrication. In this case, ask your partner to rub the head of the excited member on the clitoris.

  • Vaginal orgasm is caused by contraction of the vaginal muscles. Sexologists noticed: the faster the partner, the transient female pleasure. But if he moves measuredly, without haste, the orgasm will last longer!

How to achieve it:  first of all – train the muscles of the vagina, because they are responsible for the fulness of pleasure during a vaginal orgasm. Include in the complex of morning exercises an easy exercise: squeeze and unclench the muscles of the vagina, start with 2-3 repetitions, gradually increasing their number to fifteen. During intercourse, strain these delicate muscles, slightly raising the pelvis – the orgasm will be much brighter!

Sadly, the power of a vaginal orgasm directly depends on the length of your partner’s penis. If a loved one cannot boast of fantastic penis size, let him know that you like frequent frictions. Or master the position “rider”.

  • Extragenital, unfortunately, is not available to everyone: according to experts, one in ten women may experience it. Such over-temperature persons can get pleasure from a single fiery gaze or a light touch of a man.

How to achieve it:  we can not guarantee that you will be able to bring yourself to orgasm by stroking a man. However, no one bothers you to connect the imagination: stroking his hand, imagine yourself in his arms, with all the ensuing consequences. Surely a pleasant wave of excitement will roll over the body.

Interesting statistics

25% of women never experienced an orgasm
25% – it is usually simulated by
10% – insatiable nymphomaniac
5% – completely indifferent to sex
10% of women can have fun only in the company … another woman

No matter how hard your partner tries to satisfy you to the fullest, he may fail — unless you yourself tell him the right path to your orgasm. And for this you need to better know your own sexual preferences. It is better to carry out such sex experiments alone. You will learn to distinguish between the signals of your body, control the strength and duration of orgasm through training.

Barbara Kiesling, a practicing sexologist, best-selling author of “The Language of Sex.”How to start each other in bed “and” How to become a trashy girl in bed. Guide for good girls.

This exercise is called “Achieving a Climax”.

So, first of all you need to calm down. Take a relaxing bath, turn on pleasant music or just lie quietly on the bed.

Watch your breathing: take deep breaths through your mouth, exhale through your nose.Spend a few minutes concentrating on breathing.

Begin to caress yourself. Stroking the neck, chest, genitals, watch your feelings: how pleasant are the touches to different parts of the body. Do not set tasks without fail to get excited, the main thing is that these caresses should be pleasant for you.

Start masturbating. However, do not try to quickly achieve a result: the fact is that we are all different, and the time required to achieve satisfaction requires different things.

As soon as you feel that you are starting to wind up, stop. Re-breathe, deeply and evenly, feel how the excitement gradually subsides. Having calmed down a bit, start masturbating again. Energize yourself until a grease comes out.

Stop again, focus on your breathing. Watch yourself: can excitement by itself, without your help, rise or die out within 4-5 minutes?

Again take care of self-satisfaction: you almost reached an orgasm! As soon as you feel that you finish, start breathing quickly, quickly, this will help to get maximum pleasure.

Barbara warns: it is not worthwhile to turn such activities into a tedious duty, because your goal is pleasure, you only need to tackle such a thing with mood and desire!

The orgasm achieved with the help of point G, medical scientists refer to the uterine orgasm, because at this moment there is a contraction of the muscles of the groin and uterus.

The main question is: how to find it? Examine your body in a relaxed state: a flattened hemisphere of 1-3 cm in size, 5 cm from the entrance to the vagina, ribbed or slightly stiff to the touch, is the point G. By the way, the German was wrong about something: all women stimulation of this area causes sexual discharge. But it’s worth a try!

Our advice: one of the most comfortable postures for stimulating point G is in the position of a woman from below (do not forget to put a pillow under your lower back). A man entering the penis, should try to influence the area of ​​the vagina, which is located directly under the partner’s belly. Or try a knee-elbow position: standing on the bed, leaning on your elbows and knees, the partner enters from the back.
However, point G is not the only interesting place in our body! Malaysian sexologist Chua Ji An argues that there is a certain AFE-zone (abbreviated name anterior fornix erotic zone – the erotic zone of the front arch). It seems that this place, rich in nerve endings, is capable of bringing delightful sensations. Finding it is not so easy: it is located on the front wall of the vagina, closer to the cervix. But during the amazing sex, and even if your partner has a man’s decent size, he must have brought you to ecstasy more than once by touching this place. Not? Correct the miss!

Our advice: lay on your stomach, put a small pillow under your hips, let your partner be on top. It is very important that his movements be slow and careful: there is a slight risk of injury to the cervix. Also try the “woman on top” position, just sit back to your partner, sit back and make slow, wavy movements. If smooth and unhurried movements turn you on, congratulations: you have reached this mysterious AFE zone!

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And finally, I would like to remind you of the things that you, in general, already know, but somehow you forget in the bustle of everyday life. High-quality sex – companions of harmonious sex life, the conditions under which you are most relaxed and ready for pleasure.

  • Relaxation. Stress interferes with intimate life – it is proven. Therefore, if you have troubles at work, confusion with finances or quarrels with colleagues, leave all the problems beyond the bedroom threshold. Ylang-ylang or sandalwood aromas, a glass of wine or a relaxing massage will help you. By the way, nerves can be put in order with the help of simple monotonous homework or needlework. Just do not get carried away: 15 minutes of embroidery will be quite enough!
  • Erotic thoughts. Exchange with your favorite few playful phrases or remember a vivid episode from your intimate life. If your head is occupied with sexual nonsense, you will start to be excited even before you exchange the first kiss with your partner.
  • Diversity. Off monotony! As soon as you feel that you have lost the sharpness of perception, suggest to the partner to change the pose or to diversify the movements.Especially since there are still so many unexplored erogenous zones on your body – there is no time to miss!
  • Moisturizing. Often we can not reach orgasm just because of the fact that our body does not produce a sufficient amount of natural lubrication. Just in case, stock up with a lubricant.

Compared with the female, male orgasm – a thing clear and simple. The process of men’s satisfaction can be divided into several stages.

  1. Stage of arousal: flush, erection, acceleration of heartbeat, an increase in the size of the testicles, nipple stimulation
  2. The plateau phase: a further increase in the size of the penis and testicles, the full elevation of the testicles, the crimson color of the head (it happens not at all).
  3. The phase of orgasm: sperm is released from the vas deferens, seminal vesicles and prostate gland, accumulating at the base of the urethra near the prostate. Then there is tonic muscle spasm, an increase in blood pressure and respiration rate, tight closure of the sphincter of the bladder, rhythmic prostate contraction, and finally – the release of semen. A man feels some blurred consciousness.
  4. Resolution phase: loss of erection, lowering of the testicles and relaxation of the scrotum, suspension of muscle spasms and rush of blood, lowering of heart rate and blood pressure. Many at this moment fall asleep – this is also a natural reaction.

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